NDIS Plan Management

Sharnic Connect is an NDIS Registered Plan Manager, supporting people across Australia. Plan Management is an NDIS funded support that allows you to use an expert to manage your NDIS funds. It takes away the administrative burden that’s involved in managing the payments for your supports and providers. Instead of making the claims in the NDIS portal yourself, then paying providers,  reconciling payments, maintaining records, and keeping track of your budget, we do it all for you. 

We also keep up to date with all the latest NDIS changes and news. Because of the specialist knowledge we have,  we can help you understand what the different funding categories mean. We can also help you review service agreements and make sure that your providers are charging you correctly and abiding by the NDIS Pricing Arrangements.   

How to Sign up with us for Plan Management

Signing up with Sharnic Connect for Plan Management is quick and easy. If you have an active NDIS plan we can have you set up and ready in a couple of hours.  All we need is a copy of your NDIS plan and signed service agreement, which can be done via email and signed electronically, and you’re good to go!

Get in touch via our Contact Us page, email us on hello@sharnicconnect.com.au or call 1300 931 961 and we’ll get you set up.  

How It Works with us

Once we have your signed service agreement, we log into the NDIS portal and put service bookings in place  for your plan-managed funds – this locks your funds so that other providers can’t access them, and enables us to put in payment claims. When we receive invoices from your providers, we verify and claim the funds from the correct part of your NDIS plan. The NDIS releases the funds and then we pay your providers.  Simple!

You can choose whether you want to approve all of your provider invoices, or have us set the system to auto-approve all invoices. 

The software we use keeps track of your budget and links up with the NDIS portal so the balances are always up to date. We give you a login so you can view and approve invoices as we upload (if you want to), and check on your funds balances. We also send out monthly statements to make it easy for you to check on your funding.


If you’re not sure what you can spend your NDIS funding on, or if it’s okay to buy something using your NDIS plan, have a chat to our Plan  Management team or your Support Coordinator. It’s not your Plan Manager’s job to tell you what you can and can’t spend your funding on, but we are bound by the NDIS rules, so can’t claim and pay for supports and items that the NDIS doesn’t cover. It isn’t always obvious what that is, so if in doubt, just ask and we’re happy to help you work it out. 

There is a link to the the “Can I buy it?” checklist from the NDIS here that can also help you make decisions about spending your funds. You can find the full booklet about using your plan under the Resources tab of our website.

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