At Sharnic Connect we believe that connection is a human right, and that you deserve the opportunity to access your world, your way.

We support strengthening individuals and communities by facilitating access and inclusion, to create  meaningful and holistic connections.

Sharnic Connect is a boutique NDIS-Registered Support Coordination and Plan Management organisation that specialises in delivering independent and personal support for NDIS participants, to help them achieve their goals and beyond.  

We aim to awaken people wholeheartedly, from the inside out, by empowering them through person-centered supports to build genuine, holistic connections in their communities.

How can Sharnic Connect Support You?

Support Coordination is a service that the NDIS funds to help people to manage, and get the best out of, their NDIS plans. In order for you to make the best use of your NDIS plan, we will:

  • Support you to understand your NDIS plan – what you can and can’t use your funding for
  • Assist you to access and use the NDIS Participant Portal
  • Help you explore options to connect with services and supports
  • Assist you to set up and understand service agreements with your providers
  • Provide guidance around actioning and implementing strategies to work towards your NDIS plan goals 
  • Help you monitor progress on your goals and manage changes over the course of your plan
  • Support you to access community and mainstreams supports that you want to engage in
  • Work with you to strengthen your support networks
  • Assist you to prepare for your NDIS Plan Reviews
  • Provide support so you can exercise choice and control.

We work with people located in Geelong, Ballarat, Melton, the western suburbs of Melbourne, and in between, face-to-face and online.

NDIS Plan Management

Plan Management is an NDIS funded service that looks after the claiming and payments of your NDIS supports. As your Plan Manager, we help you manage your budget, review invoices to make sure they’re compliant with NDIS rules, and claim the funds from your plan to pay your providers for you. 

The funding for a Plan Manager is added into your NDIS plan, it doesn’t affect any of your other NDIS funding. If you need help managing the payments and your NDIS plan budget, please get in touch. We love the geeky, nitty-gritty detail work!

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